For Families


Training and Coaching for Parents

Family is the center within which all human beings learn the basic rules for life and different ways to face society in general. The quality of interactions in the family environment will depend on the tools that members have to deal with life in the society.

Therefore, it is important to work with families, emphasizing on family integration, bearing in mind that such integration is where moral values are transmitted, solutions are presented and behaviors are changed.

FOR Families


The purpose of the program is to raise awareness and provide family tools that facilitate their unity, consistency, communication, and spiritual life, as the elements of a healthy and happy family.

Family Life
  • Family is another species in extinction
  • The art of communication at home
  • Family life success
  • Welfare, great destiny of my family
  • Love and discipline from a real father
  • The Family Management
  • Sexual education for the family
  • Back home
  • Return to tenderness
  • Something more than tenderness and love
  • I’d choose you again
Couple Sexuality - Conferences
  • Enjoying Sexual Life in Marriage
  • Sexual Freedom and Responsibilities
  • Knowing the root of the sexual problem (Workshop for sexual expression difficulties)
Marriage and Children - Conferences
  • Advice for parents and their children’s orientation
  • School for parents (workshops for parenting)
  • A contemporary family
Marriage and Crisis – Conferences
  • Enemies of marriage
  • Causes of marital unhappiness
  • Family Violence
  • Heroine mothers (single mothers)