Foundation Our Responsibility is a nonprofit organization established in the United States, based in Central New Jersey. Our primary purpose is to defend Human Rights for everyone to enjoy the benefits of their freedom.

Seeking to defend, watch and raise awareness for the welfare and fulfillment of human rights in our society, Foundation Our Responsibility presents these alternatives to society; not only giving information about human rights, but providing a platform where each individual can enjoy his rights and assume his role as well as responsibility in it.

Below are the programs and campaigns as well as topics that will be useful for Foundation Our Responsibility.  Each area is focused on an individual basis.


  • Helping each individual reach their full potential. 

  • Using education to promote an understanding of the vital importance of human rights. 

  • Promoting respect for human rights. 

  • Channel donors’ monetary contributions effectively to various projects that seek to protect human rights around the world. 

  • Provide education opportunities in the field of human rights and social work. 

  • Conduct human rights research both globally and locally as an important ongoing project within our foundation. 

  • Take action if there is any violation of human rights in the word subsequent to the research and channels these issues to the International Criminal Court (ICC).